What you missed at Apple’s WWDC14

On June 2, developers around that globe began rejoicing. It had finally arrived, the big reveal of Apple’s latest operating systems for Mobile and Desktop entourage, iOS8 and OSX Yosemite.

The announcement of these new releases are generating some incredible excitement around the global development community as they stand as some of the most influential software releases Apple has made to its operating system in recent years.

Here we highlight some of the amazing features you may not yet know about, but clearly we thing will dramatically change the way you work with your devices.


Hand Off

Probably one of the most astounding user features announced in Yosemite and iOS8 is Handoff. hero

Handoff lets you take any file your working on from you Mac, or iOS device and literally hand it off to another. Say your typing a document on your iPad travelling home from work. As soon as you arrive home, you can ‘Handoff’ that document to you’re Mac at home and immediately pickup right where you left off. Beyond documents and files, Handoff also lets you take calls right through your Mac, just incase you’re away from your phone. 


iCloud Drive

hero_heroiCloud Drive enters the online cloud storage space as a juggernaut ready to challenge Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft’s recently rebranded One Drive. The advantage to iCloud Drive is that it comes fully integrated into iOS8 and OSX Yosemite ready to get to work as soon as you power up. Working on files and saving them to the cloud is now made simple and effortless sealing the deal for Apples closed computing eco-system.


Health Kit


One of the more developer orientated features released was seen in the announcement of HealthKit. With the proliferation of wearable tech, Apple have decided to open up their SDK to plugin to 3rd party health applications and have their data interact with iOS8. Beyond the obvious benefits of things such as pedometers, heart rate and blood pressure monitoring, Apple have also forged strategic partnerships with established practices such as the MAYO Clinic in Minnesota to cement their position as a health tech leader.


Swift Code

swift-screenshotA startling announcement was that of Apple’s very own proprietary coding language they’re calling Swift. Swift, based on Objective-C, is Apple’s new innovative programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.

The Syntax is shorter while offering greater expression than it’s contemporaries, and allows apps to run faster, but beyond that Swift boasts an almost 4x Speed for complex object sorting.

Possibly one of the most impressive features, is that while it’s an entirely new and innovative language, it is still able to run seamlessly alongside Objective-C and fits right in alongside existing code without any workflow being compromised.

With Apples WWDC14 all wrapped up we once again see the tech giant showing that they are ahead of the curve and ready to take on their competitors both at home and abroad.

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Top 50 Apps for Business

Recently our management team worked with a group of professionals service companies to develop a list of the Top 50 Apps they would need and use to take their operation to the next level.

Here they are, 50 of the Top Business apps which we ourselves use daily here at divestIT.

We would like to offer you the chance to develop a customised list of apps for your specific business needs.

Simply enter your details below, click submit and one of our management team will get in touch with you about developing a custom list of apps to suit your specific needs and help your business grow.

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köp Viagra på nätet med visum XeroXero

Accounting made easy (beautiful) money managing web app that allows you to carry out all your accounting needs in the cloud




binära optioner finansinspektionen  WorkShare

Use the app to compare multiple versions of the same document and also includes an auto sync feature.  The solution to effortless collaboration




الفوركس الذهبي  VIP Access

To help prevent your online data from getting into the wrong hands.  Protects your online accounts by providing a security code for safe and secure sign in access




per investire in operazioni binarie  Viber

Free call and messaging app that also adds your computer as a communication device. Which means that you can transfer calls to your laptop or desktop that you have received on your phone.




hy binary options  Trello

With Trello you can create boards to organize anything you’re working on.  Use them solo, or invite colleagues, friends and family to work together.  Write your ideas down on Trello cards and arrange them in lists on your boards.




iq option togliere le notifiche sulla demo  Taste

Not a lot to do with business productivity but a great way to quickly find inspiration for a healthy dinner at the end of a long day!




forex flag pattern  Ookla Speed Test

Best way to quickly test your WiFi or cellular internet connection speed



smartr contacts

iq optopn  Smartr Contacts

Link your Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and iCloud email accounts, along with your Twitter and Facebook networks. Once you’ve done that, Smartr Contacts gives you a “holistic” view of each contact, with email history, including when you sent that contact a message and a list of people you have in common.




binary options tradeking  Sign Now

Lets you sign PDF, Word and RTF documents with a finger.  The documents can come via email or an iOS device camera, Dropbox or other sources.




binäre optionen roulette strategie  Scan to Spread

Create spreadsheets using the barcode scanner in your phone.  Use for inventory, cyclecount, marketing or other times where scanning to make a list is needed.




binär optionen für anfänger  Prizmo

Operates by taking a photo of text and translating it into a text file. Very useful where all you have is an image of some text.



OfficeDrop iqoption faq  Office Drop

Turns images taken by you devices camera into a PDF.




forex kalmar  Newsify

Get your daily dose of all your newspapers, RSS feeds etc in one easy to navigate place.




http://melroth.com/?komp=come-guadagnare-soldi&6bd=6f come guadagnare soldi  myPitch

Allows you to record, share and get advice from other professionals on your interview, business or networking pitches.




tax on binary options uk  mSecure 

Creates a vault where you can store all your other passwords.




binary options opportunity  Messenger

Facebook’s personal messenger in an App.




  buy generic Orlistat 120 mg without perscription MailChimp

Manage lists, add new subscribers, send campaigns and view your reports.  Monitor the growth of your list, find subscribers near your current location, filter by group, find out who is most engaged and more





By DropBox, this is a fast and fun way to sort through your email and put it in its place.





Secure your device from potential data theft with easy Backups, missing device search etc.





 LinkedIn Contacts

A smarter way to stay in touch with your most important relationships. Bring all your contacts together in one app, get alerted on job changes and birthdays in your network, and discover more about who you’re meeting with.





Lets you store and share business presentations from anywhere.  Once your presentation is uploaded, you can play it from your iPhone, or connect your handset to a bigger screen.You can even beam your presentation to another smartphone for a remote meeting.The app also features a whiteboard mode that lets you draw and share charts and graphs in real time.





Gives you access to the LinkedIn professional network.






SSO – Single Sign-On solution for users who are constantly battling to remember passwords and even more, those annoying and obscure URL’s.





Mindmapping allows you to visually organise your thoughts, ideas and information.





Allows you to provide quotes or estimates to your customers then save and invoice for easy review.





Records and saves web pages you visit in a nice, readable format for offline reading later.





Cheap but good CRM tool for growing businesses. Subscribe on a per user basis with month to month contracts





If This Then That – meaning that if one task is performed, then another task you designate should also happen.  Based on the Web service, IFTTT comes with lots of “recipes” created by the IFTTT user community and organized into topical “channels,” such as “Craigslist,” that can automate tasks you might perform manually





Allows you to upload large files to your phone and share them on any platform




 Google Search

Don’t just use the browser option on your device trust a fully functional search tool.






An app which compiles the latest articles from your favourite blogs and web publications–plus any podcasts and YouTube channels you subscribe to




AirWatch MDM Management

Provides complete mobility management for your fleet of iOs devices deployed across your enterprise. AirWatch provides your IT department with the ability to enroll devices in your environment, configure and update device settings, enforce security policies and remotely lock and wipe managed devices





Stay connected at all times with integrated push notifications and calendar. 






Manages business expenses (such as receipts & credit cards) without the fuss.





The best way to transfer your contacts to and from your iPhone without iTunes.





Using Evernote allows users to store notes, photos, to-do lists, ideas and voice reminders.





Scans your contacts for duplicates and merges them into one, access driving directions to upcoming appointments, get alerts when you receive an email containing certain words or phrases, track packages, automatically receive local weather updates and more





If you have a meeting or deadline reminders and notifications will continue to display on your screen until you mark them as a finished task.  You can also postpone certain tasks and remind co-workers of upcoming due dates



Dragon Dictation

An easy to use voice recognition application that allows you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages.





Allows you to capture your signature and use it for online documents.




Contacts BackUp

Backup your contacts to Excel, Gmail, or Outlook.  Restore all your contacts when you lose or factory reset your phone.





Turns your business cards into LinkedIn connections






Integrates contact information into your phone contacts by taking photos of business cards.




Call Recording Pro

Record incoming or outgoing calls worldwide





Pulls from your various social profiles and your phone’s address book to compile a comprehensive list of everyone you know, then by using a priority ranking system based on your own interactions lets you know when you’ve maintained radio silence for too long.



Roster-Calendar Pro

 Roster Calendar Pro 

Create shifts on this easy to use roster app with free editable templates






What’s the best way to meet new people at conferences? Bizzabo is an alternative to the random meet-and-greet.  This nicely designed smartphone app (iOS and Android) displays real-time event information and allows you to search for attendees/Attendee categories.  Bizzabo’s algorithm also recommends the best contacts for you, based on your business profile.  It culls info from your social media accounts, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


3030 30/30

30/30 is a productivity app that allows you to create custom timers for certain activities and ensure that you never spend too long on one task.



Tempo AI Tempo AI


Links calendar events to relevant emails and attachments for pending appointments, queues up directions to your next meeting location, and pulls up email and phone info for last-minute coordination with your contacts